Am./Can. Ch. Shadow Hills Royal Ribbons



1987  -  1996



    Every once in a while a special dog comes by that touches a life. Sammy was a very special dog that touched not one, but two lives. 

Sammy was able to form a special bond between Linda Cornella, his beloved owner and Rick Thompson, his almost exclusive handler. It was said that when in the ring with Rick,  Sammy and Rick were like one.




All I can say is that Sammy will never be forgotten. Sammy has taught me what conformation is all about and I  was able to learn how to meet new people. Sammy is not just a dog to me but he is more like a person. No other dog will ever replace him. Sammy was always there for me no matter what. I couldn't have done it without him. 


Sammy was a very happy and always full of energy when he
went to the shows with Jane Hammett who finished Sammy's Championship. Then, after we moved Rick took over showing him and was his exclusive handler ever since. Sammy loved to show and loved it more when he heard the applause from the crowd. He would get so excited when he heard their applause you knew he was having fun in the show ring. 

Sammy was so special to us He even taught Andrea the intricacies of being a Junior Handler and assisted her in wins in both the Novice and Open classes.

Good bye my friend,

Linda Cornella



Ch. Shadow Hill's Royal Ribbons was a name I always felt was befitting of a King. Be it coincidence or not that name was the only name befitting of this dog. As a young class dog Sammy caught my eye. After competition one day I was commissioned to go over him. After a thorough critique, I shared some pointers to give this young dog the competitive edge he deserved. Hence he quickly acquired his AKC Championship.  Shortly following, I was commissioned to handle him as a Special. Around the "Show Circuit" we often hear this term. In the American Edition of the Oxford dictionary the word Special is described as: adj. 1 particularly good; exceptional. 2.uncommon, especial, extraordinary; distinguished, notable, noteworthy; significant, important, gala, festive, particular, extra, pointed, concerted, deliberate, determined. At first glance it might be thought that I made these up to try and accurately describe this exceptional dog. The fact is, they are directly from the definition, and the only way to  establish clarity about this great little dog.  Before I ever looked that word up, Sammy had already taught me what it meant to be called "A SPECIAL"!  It has never ceased to amaze me how infrequently Mother Nature chooses to embody one dog with all those qualities, and how few people are privileged to be touched by them. "Some doge are Influential... and some are Inspirational". Sammy was both of them. I can only hope that I was once as Special to him as he was to me. 

Rick Thompson



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