~Our Puppy Placement Policy~

We sell all our pet/companion puppies on spay/neuter contracts only.  We do NOT sell any pet quality puppies for breeding purposes!  We give a written health guarantee with each puppy bred by us.  All our breeding stock is certified to be free of hip dysplasia at 24 months, as well as having their eyes certified normal!

If you wish to be placed on our waiting list, please send us an email, and include the following information about yourself:

1.  What are you looking for (sex, color, pet quality, etc)?

2.  What is the size of your family?

3.  Do you have a fenced yard?

4.  Existing and previously owned pets?

5.  Where do you live?

All dogs for sale through this website are sold to approved homes only.  We reserve the right to choose which home is best for the dog, according to our terms and conditions