MBISS GCH  Royal Hills Hold On My Heart


BISS GCH BranGay Night Fall  ex  BISS GCH Royal Hills Crazy For You


Many thanks to Dean Von Pusch  for taking such amazing pictures of Myah, and we are so grateful to
Jessica Starbuck Russell for such a wonderful job in presentation and grooming.


Myah not only finished her Championship at  9 months old,
She also
became a  Grand Champion at 13 months old.
Myah is  pictured at 9 months old.


At the Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club of GA on Aug 24 2018
Myah goes WB/BOW/BOB


 Myah finished on Oct 28 2018 going  BOB/BOW/WB to finished with a 5 point major at 9 months old at 
the Tampa Bay Area Shetland Sheepdog Club.


Myah at 6 months old.


Myah is pictured at 9 months old.


Myah pictured at 9 weeks old.


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